Interim Membership:

Chilli Studios have made the decision to open the forum and live workshops further to those who would benefit from this resource and are experiencing mental health issues. This is to support those wishing to join in Chilli Studios Creative activities during the Covid19 crisis.


All new members will have to fill in a more basic version of our membership form to ensure we support on an individual basis, maintain good practise and create a safe space for all using the resources. 

Link to form:

Future membership of the service, following the removal of restrictions, will require a new more extensive form to be filled in if members wanted to use the venue based services. See below for details.


There was no charge attached to our online service from April - August 2020.

From September 2020 membership will be back to the subsidised £10 a month for full membership which includes online activity and postal offers. If attending only 1 workshop a week we would be grateful for a donation to our charity. However, a membership form is still needed. 
Please contact to update membership.


Our current ONLINE offer includes:

  • Access to 3-10 live interactive workshops a week and basic technical support
    (see timetable

  • Access to our Online forum community and activity

    Occasional & optional:

  • check-ins and signposting

  • postal art and creative care boxes

STUDIO VENUE Memberships:

Membership Form

Membership form.jpg