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Set up in 2004, Chilli Studios is a registered charity that delivers services to those who are, or are at risk of experiencing diagnosed mental health problems, and those who experience other forms of social exclusion within their communities.


We are based within a vibrant inclusive community space near the centre of Newcastle. It provides a creative service in many disciplines from multimedia to ceramics and lots in-between. Studio space covers over 240m2, includes creative professionals and numerous volunteers. It is highly regarded as a professional and innovative small community based service.

Members and referral agents have described the importance of the social environment fostered by the studio, how Chilli Studios staff help members grow in terms of their self-esteem, how the studio gives members something to look forward to and a place to learn valuable skills which in turn, can prove therapeutic both socially and emotionally.

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To promote creative freedom

Promote the power of creativity to empower individuals to challenge internal and external perceptions of mental health. Valuing everyone’s unique personal expression, inspiring people to take creative chances, build skills and celebrate achievements.


To be a compassionate and safe service.

Create a safe, inclusive place where everyone feels welcome, encouraged to participate and supported throughout involvement—developing a caring community through encouragement and support. Taking time to listen, learn and respect others and their privacy; when a difference exists, value it and find shared understanding within the community of interest.​​


To improve mental health through creativity.

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Our ambitious vision is to cultivate a community of hope and creativity that fulfils artistic potential and promotes positive well-being outcomes that drive societal change. We strive to inspire and support artists on their creative journey, empowering them to uplift and encourage others through reciprocity, creating a real and lasting social impact.

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