Northern Print

A few of us from Chilli Art Studio went on a planned tour of Northern Print on Thursday 16 June 2016. While there we observed a demonstration of wood block printing and looked at an exhibition of Japanese prints. Here is an overall impression of that visit.

So here we are seeing a woodblock print demonstrated on fine Japanese paper, a mere hairs breadth thick, breathing life into a playful hare: then an exhibition of prints so beautiful, by Japanese printmakers, with textures in vibrant colours sparking the minds eye; and oh! to feel such inspiration in the soul: then catching my breath as it falls in love... with mezzotints of pure perfection, born of time, patience and techniques sublime; with rich multi layered images softly glowing to calm the spirit.

The tour enriching me with a myriad tools, machines, materials and techniques, both new and old; a century or two in the blink of an eye. Standing on the shoulders of giants, of master printmakers, crafts people and engineers; whose legacy of knowledge has taught us well and teaches us still. Privileged to witness the Heritage of Northern Print, bred in the bones, such a deep and lasting impression. And now, catching up with the modern world in breathless beauty, exquisite flowers screen printed for our delight, by a talented artist anew.

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