Sand Art Day, King Edward's Bay, Tynemouth

On Friday 11 September 2015 most of us visited King Edwards Bay at Tynemouth, joined by some members of North Tyneside Art Studio also. The objective was to do some sand art that was large enough to be visible from the promenade above the bay. We had to get an early start due to the tide coming in during the afternoon, culminating in high tide at 3.30pm. We were pleased to see that a new cafe had just opened there too.

It was a really warm and sunny day, just right for the event. Most of us had arrived soon after 11am, having carried tools such as rakes and spades as well of lots of food for lunch. By midday we had drawn three major pictures in the sand. I drew a Mirabee, with my rhyme below it "I think that i shall never see a disappearing Mirabee." Others drew a large circle with the name of our studio 'Apples is Apples' inside it. Yet others drew a large figure of Selma wearing her hat and outfit.

The circle and the figure sadly started disappearing soon after 1pm as the tide came in, but not before many photographs of them were taken. The Mirabee endured longer, until nearer 2pm, because it had been drawn further in from the sea.

But the day was far from over even when the art forms were washed away. It was still very sunny, and there were still several activities. Selma played songs on her Ukulele, and some of us spent a while blowing giant bubbles. Lunch was great, with a barbeque and many other snacks. There was also plenty to drink, although a few of us sat in the new cafe for tea and coffee.

With the sun still shining we packed up soon after 3pm having had a very successful day. Plenty of pictures had been taken so we could later reflect on the great day out. Some of us also drew pictures of the sea and sand in our 'Lifelines' log book which had been given just two days earlier.

Michael Thomas

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