Registered name 'Chilli Studios (Newcastle and Gateshead Arts Studios) Ltd
Registered address:
The Blackfriars Centre
Newbridge st,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
The Writing Group at Chilli studios is a safe place for people to express their voices and share their experiences of the world. This eclectic collection of poems has been produced by participants from the creative writing group supported by Sky Hawkins, AKA The Word Bird. Poems in this book cover a diverse range of styles and topics. We hope you enjoy them.

Soft cover book 37pages featuring works from:

Graham Innes
Janette K
Allen Forrest
David Turner
Olya Bowers
David Hardy
Ruth Hill
Duncan Murray
Carol Robinson
John Young

Cover design from painting by Olya

Chilli Bizarre is the Charity Chilli Studios new venture promoting Mental Health awareness and support. Our studio is run part time and part voluntarily so please be patient with packaging and delivery times.

UK Registered Charity No.1116957

Creative Writing Collection 2015