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Chill out Box - Self Love

February has always been the month of love.  This year, we want to encourage you direct that love towards yourself, celebrating all that makes you the fabulous person you are.

Self-love, defined as "love of self" or "regard for one's own happiness or advantage", has been conceptualised as a basic human necessity. 

Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. 

Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve.

This Chill out Box has all you need to make yourself a priority - it's not selfish, it's necessary

Box contains:

Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life by Agapi Stassinopoulos

Ceramic oil burner

Vegan Wax melt - Banana cake scent

Jar of self love

6 Affirmation cards and peg magnet

Self Love Club brooch

Self Love heart bracelet

Make your own Embossed clay heart

Body and Soul body oil

Orange and cinnamon bath salts

A6 Kraft greeting's card 'she remembered who she was and the game changed'

A6 Kraft greeting's card 'look down at your body, whisper, there is no home like you'

A6 Kraft greeting's card 'the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence'

Healthy sweet treat

Self Love zine

Chill out Box - Self Love

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