To attend our studio you must be a member


General Studio membership includes access to all available venue based workshops; trips & events; online activity; advice & support sessions; and postal offers.

Personal Budget

If you are eligible for a Personal Budget you can purchase membership to the service on a monthly or yearly basis.

Q. What is a Personal Budget?

A. Personal budgets are an allocation of funding given to individuals after an assessment of their needs. In the future, all those with substantial or critical needs will be entitled to a Personal Budget for their care with the region.

Subsidised User

If you have mental health needs but are ineligible for a personal budget you can purchase a membership in receipt of a letter from your GP or referral agent. Subsidised memberships can be bought in monthly block payments.

Please send or hand-deliver all completed forms to:

Chilli Studios

The Blackfriars Centre

Newbridge st,

Newcastle Upon Tyne



Or alternatively, email it to us at


Please note that Online membership now requires people to apply through the general membership form above.

This was to support those wishing to join in Chilli Studios Creative activities during the Covid19 crisis.


From September 2020 membership will be back to the subsidised £10 a month for full membership which includes all venue based workshops, online activity and postal offers. If attending only 1 ONLINE workshop a week we would be grateful for a donation to our charity.

Our current ONLINE offer has been reduced with a drop in demand and capacity. If there are further lockdowns we are ready to jump back online with a full programme.

Current online offer:​

  • We only now run 3 live interactive workshops and 1 social a week and basic technical support
    (see timetable

  • Access to our Online forum community and activity

    Occasional & optional:

  • check-ins and signposting

  • postal art and creative care boxes