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Online Programme

We will be carrying on online activity!

Since March 2020 our online workshops have proven to be such an important aspect of reaching our community, tackling isolation, enabling us to stay connected, creative and safe during uncertain times. However, as more venue and outdoor activity starts this may reduce the online workshops a little due to staff capacity.

Studio Venue Programme

Outdoor activity dates from April 9th

& Trial opening from April 14th

This is exciting news and we can't wait to see more of you all in person. However, this has to be done within Government guidelines with safety implications for all our members, volunteers, and staff.
It's all about getting back to making a great creative community and fun space again, where we can support everyone's wellbeing. 

Please contact us still with an expression of interest about which workshops you would like to attend. We are operating a fair policy with rotating attendance. We will get back to you with available dates & details.


text/leave a message with 07922 091083

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